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We stock a huge range of  Screws and Fixings for every possible DIY job or home improvement project. Choose from self tapping, easy drive, brass slotted and drywall screws. 
Single thread wood screws for timber decking and exterior timber projects
Wickes Ultra Gold Screws are high performance screws for all wood types 

Wickes Twin Thread Screws are almost twice as fast to drive in than Single Thread screws and are ideal for use on chipboard and softwoood.

Wickes Brass Screws are ideal for use where a traditional, decorative finish is required
For use with countersunk wood screws for a decorative finish
Self tapping screws tap their own thread in a pre-drilled pilot hole, ideal for joining or fixing to thin section metal sheet
Black Japanned Screws are used with wrought iron or when contrasting screw heads are needed.
Single thread wood screws, ideal for exterior use, made from stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance