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Flooring Trim covers the expansion gap around laminate & real wood flooring perimeters. It is easily cut to size and simple to fit for a neat finish. 
Wickes flooring Trims match and compliment your flooring, adding the perect professional finishing to your project.
Threshold bars are essential for bridging the gap between door ways. It can be used for various types of flooring with differing heights. Our T-bars are colour matched to fit your flooring perfectly.
Metal trims are ideal cover strips for different types of flooring with differing heights. Available in gold and silver effect, these are perfect for complimenting your existing or new hardware including door handles and hinges.

Wickes' Flooring Pipe Collars are perfect for concealing the expansion gap left around your radiators pipes. Available in various finishes and is perfect for any type of flooring to simply give your flooring project a perfect professional finish.