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Choosing the right tools

Which brush should I use?

Brushes are often used for the finer details of emulsion application; cutting into corners and around light switches for example. Their most common use is on wood and metal detailing, making them ideal for glosses, satins and eggshell.

As a general rule, natural bristle or natural/synthetic mix brushes are best for solvent-based paints, whereas synthetic bristle brushes are better for water-based products.

It's worth bearing in mind that lower quality brushes are more likely to lose their bristles.


Emulsion paints




Gloss, Satin and Eggshell


We recommend a 50/50 Synthetic and Natural Mixed Brush on Bare Wood

Bristle Mix Brush 1in
Bristle Mix Brush 1.5in
Bristle Mix Brush 2in
Bristle Mix Brush 3in
Brush Pack PK5
Brush PK3




Emulsion paints


We recommend a 9 x 1.75 Roller in Short, Medium and Long Pile

Short Pile Roller Sleeve - Ideal for smooth surfaces
Medium Pile Roller Sleeve - Ideal for standard surfaces
Long Pile Roller Sleeve - Ideal for uneven surfaces
Short Pile Roller Sleeve Pack of 5
Medium Pile Roller Sleeve Pack of 5
Long Pile Roller Sleeve Pack of 5
Roller & Tray Set




Masonary Paints


We recommend a 9 ins x 1.5 ins Masonry Sleeve with Textured Masonry

12ins Masonry Sleeve