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Artificial Grass hints and tips

1. First you need to measure the area you want to turf.

2. Artificial Grass from Wickes comes in rolls that are 2m or 4m wide. Make sure you allow for the widest part of your lawn and order the required quantity.

4. Select your favourite grass from our lovely range above.

5. Select the accessories you will need to take care of the base and the edging, please see list below.


Can weed roots or moles affect Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass is designed with a strong woven ‘scrim’ and tough latex backing, to minimise these issues particularly when combined with our recommended weed membrane.

How long can I expect my Artificial Grass to last?

For a normal domestic garden with average use, we would expect the grass to last between 15 to 20 years (subject to customer taking out the warranty)

Will my Artificial Grass fade or discolour in the sun?

Artificial Grass is guaranteed against discolouration for 10 years. It’s UV stabilised, so should retain its vibrancy for a number of years.

Can Artificial Grass be used on slopes or gradients?

Artificial Grass is suitable for use anywhere.

Can I have a BBQ on my Artificial Grass lawn?

Our Artificial Grass is thoroughly tested and adhere to EN ISO 9239-1 safety standards. We do recommend protecting your grass from stray coals etc by placing your BBQ on a hard standing area such as paving slabs.

Does Artificial Grass really feel and look like the real thing?

High quality Artificial Grass offers an incredibly natural look and feel. The range of Artificial Grass caters to any requirement e.g. Light and dark shades, long or short pile etc… and all are designed to mimic the aesthetics of real grass accurately.

Can I install Artificial Grass myself?

Yes, It’s very straightforward to install. For guidance please take a look at our how-to video starring Sarah Beeny.

How to install Artificial Grass

  Warranty information for Artificial Grass