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Fencing can do much more than simply mark the boundaries of your garden. It can increase privacy, create shade, screen off a seating area or other ‘zone’, hide unattractive views, provide growing space for plants, absorb noise, add colour and character, and even make your garden seem bigger than it really is.

Knowing what you need your fence to do will help you choose the right style: If you're looking to block noise or add privacy, you’ll want something tall and solid.

Solway Fence Panel

Solway Fence Panel

If security is a key consideration, heavy‐duty closeboard panels are a good choice. They’re densely packed and framed all round for increased strength. Look for panels with extra vertical battens. Fencing with lightly framed additions to the top, such as a small top trellis, can also deter potential intruders.

Hertford Fence Panel

Hertford Fence Panel

Fences don’t have to be high or solid. If you wish to avoid an enclosed feeling, you might prefer to choose a fence that you can see through or over. Lattice garden screens and trellis can add interest to your garden, provide a great backdrop for climbing plants, and even create the illusion of space by drawing the eye towards the distance. As they also let light and wind pass through, there’s less chance of wind damage.

Cambridge Decorative Fence Panel

Cambridge Decorative Fence Panel

Trellis can be used in conjunction with fencing products, or as dividers on their own.

Trellis Square Lattice Fence Panel

Trellis Square Lattice Fence Panel

Low‐level fences can define an area or mark a boundary without creating unwanted shade or hiding a great view.

Complement your garden

Fencing can add to the overall look of your outdoor space. So it’s best to choose it with the rest of your garden in mind. Do you want willow for a natural feel, featheredge boards for a traditional look, or up‐to‐the‐minute vinyl for a more modern finish? Do you want a simple, no‐fuss panel with clean lines and sleek edges, or plenty of detail and finishing touches?

Decorative fence panels with integrated trellis are a popular choice, and curves can soften the look.

You may also wish to consider the finish you’d like. Machined and planed pressure‐treated boards will have a smoother surface, while sawn feather‐edge panels have a more rustic look. If you want a really smooth result, look for planed timber instead of rough‐sawn.

Chances are, you’ll want to balance looks and budget. So remember, you don’t need to have the same fencing throughout – you could choose a decorative styling for the front of your home and a more basic construction for more hidden areas.

Add natural detail

Whatever material you choose for your fencing, there are many ways to make sure it looks part of its surroundings. Climbing plants are a good choice for natural detail and added colour.

And to top it off


It’s simple to add interest to a traditional fence by topping it with a contrasting panel – like a trellis, arched top or slatted screen design.

How much maintenance?

Wood fences may require occasional staining or sealing. You might want to consider a low‐maintenance material, such as aluminum, steel, wrought iron and bamboo.

If you want to limit the amount of retreatment needed, look for timber that has already been finished with a factory‐applied surface treatment. It’s also worth checking the extent and longevity of the treatment guarantee.

For maximum life and durability, look for wood that has been pressure‐treated.

Choose your colour

Water‐based coloured fence stains are an easy way to transform your timber, whether you want an accent colour that stands out, or a more natural and understated look.

Gates and entrances

Do you need a gate or other entrance in your fencing? Make sure it’s wide enough for your lawnmower, garden furniture, or anything else you may need to take through.

Who owns what?

There's no law about which side of the fence you're responsible for. If you're unsure, check your deeds to find out if there are any boundary agreements.

Complete your project

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