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Heat up your style: designer radiators

From classic to contemporary, and vertical to mirrored, we have a range of stunning radiators to suit your home.

Quinn Forza Multicolumn Radiator

Classic in design, this radiator works just as well in modern homes as it does in more traditional ones. Complement its Victorian feel by placing it in a vintage style room, or contrast its look to beautiful effect with modern furniture and pops of colour.

Wickes Zone Flat Panel Mirror Radiator

Give your room a modern update with this mirror radiator. Its vertical design gives the illusion of height, and the mirror creates a feeling of light and space. Ultra-modern, this sleek design complements contemporary homes perfectly.

Quinn Marano Feature Horizontal Radiator

Sleek, clean lines characterise this designer radiator. Enhance a modern monochrome room with its slick aesthetic, or make it a design feature against colourful walls.

Wickes Haven Flat Panel Vertical Radiator

Short on space? Then a vertical radiator is an ingenious way to heat a room with limited space, while creating the illusion of height. These sleek, contemporary designs bring a modern feel to any space, while being very practical too.

Wickes Stratus Vertical Radiator

Art meets design in this striking radiator. Its vertical design makes it great if space is tight, but it also works just as well in a larger room. The perfect choice for modern homes, this radiator will make just the right statement.

Grace Column Radiator

Gone are the days when radiators were purely functional. This cool column radiator is quietly stylish, and will add a touch of contemporary cool to any space.

Quinn Ligna Flat Panel Radiator

The designer panel radiator offers the high heat output and performance of a panel radiator with distinctive decorative looks. With a top grill and side panels in place the decorative panel radiator offers a stylish alternative to a standard panel radiator.

Back to the future

If you love gadgets, and the idea of being able to control the temperature of individual rooms in your home from anywhere in the world, then you might want to check out MiGenie.

It’s a smart heating control system that’s easy to install and communicates with you via an app on your phone. It’ll also help you better understand your energy use as time goes on.

Other heating options

Radiators aren’t your only source of heat. If you’re looking for more of a feature, or perhaps you want something that can be placed exactly where you want it, when you want it then a faux fireplace or portable heater might be what you want.


Electric or fgas?

Which you go for will depend on your energy supply. Everyone can have an electric fireplace and it’s generally a simple plug in and go. (Of course, you may want to get a professional in if you’re looking to mount one for the first time and need to cut out the hole and sort the wiring.) If you go for gas, however, you’ll need to get in someone who is CORGI registered to install it for you.

When it comes to heat vs cost, gas is argued to be quicker to heat up and cheaper (but this will depend on the rates of your energy supplier).

With gas, you also need to consider that the fireplace:

  • Is real and gets very hot
  • Needs a chimney
  • Will still work if you have a power cut, dependant on your set up.

However, an electric fireplace has plenty of pros:

  • They can go in any room because they don’t require a chimney
  • Safer for kids and pets
  • You can have the flame without the heat and vice versa

However, whichever you go for is ultimately personal choice.

Portable heaters

These compact heaters can be a great and instantaneous source of heat, or give you an extra boost where needed. They’re easily moved from room to room, or place to place, and are fairly easy to store. But bear in mind that they’re designed to heat a small space and not be a permanent solution or replacement for a regular radiator. Check out our range of portable heaters:

Wickes tip

If the heater doesn’t have a timer built in buy a time switch for your plug.