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Home security for you

Before you start, there are a couple of key questions to think about, which will make your buying decisions easier.

Planning your project

Are you renting or owning?
If you’re a renter you should probably look for wireless and battery operated devices you can install yourself without damaging paintwork or walls. These are available for both CCTV and alarms and they’ll be easier to take with you when you move. Battery powered lights are a good option for maximum flexibility.

If you’re a homeowner, you can choose whatever you like within the limitations of your budget. A complete security system gives you wireless recording cameras, a digital video recorder, an alarm and siren, and a series of sensors to place at different vulnerable points.

Do you want to use your smartphone?
Smartphones can perform a range of roles in security. Their simplest use is to activate, deactivate and re-programme CCTV and other devices, doing away with the need for separate control units. But they can do much more: alerting you to alarms and letting you respond to them, receiving live pictures from your cameras, even giving you the option of turning lights and music on and off remotely to give the impression your home is occupied. Smartphone systems cost more, but they give you the ultimate level of protection.

Outdoor or indoor cameras?
An outdoor camera positioned near your main or rear door is a priority. We stock a range of strong, weatherproof cameras for outside use. Indoor cameras are also useful for gathering evidence if needed. Wired cameras are recommended indoors - as some wireless cameras can be hacked, turning the tables on the homeowner.

CCTV. Your eyes where you want them
The sight of a live camera watching over a door or window is sure to make even the most hardened thief or troublemaker think twice about approaching your home. Since the rise in crime rates means there is a new burglary about every 37 seconds in the UK, this is a very good thing. What’s more, domestic CCTV not only protects your own home and loved ones, the footage it produces can also help the authorities identify and prosecute offenders, which tends to reduce crime rates generally in the neighbourhood.

CCTV has several other advantages too. If you’re at home, for example, you can see who’s at the door, or keep an eye on the kids in another room. When you’re out, you can monitor what workmen are getting up to, or check on a babysitter, as well as keep tabs on your property when on holiday.


Swann PRO735 Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are great stand alone deterrents. Using the right connectors, they can be simply plugged in to your TV for quick surveillance viewing. Swann cameras also work with most Swann digital video recording device to record, store, and remotely view footage online for total peace of mind. Powerful night vision allows them to scan up to 25m away so they’re suitable for 24/7 monitoring.


Swann PROA851 dome cameras

Dome cameras come with more powerful image sensors and offer state of the art, high resolution video equivalent to 720p HD. They’re a great addition to the Swann 4400 series 720p DVR surveillance kit, and are protected by a heavy duty vandal resistant case.


The swann professional security kit with alarm

This top of the range DIY system boasts an 8 channel recording system, 4 bullet style wired cameras, an alarm, sensors and siren. The DVR has a 1TB hard drive that can record for up to 30 days non stop, or even longer with motion detection. It can be connected to either an HD TV or a computer monitor, and footage can be transferred to a thumb drive to give to the police. Used with the free SwannView app it enables remote viewing over the internet on any smartphone or tablet.



Burglar alarms. Armed to deter and detect.

The prospect of an ear shattering alarm greeting their arrival is such a powerful deterrent that even an empty alarm box is enough to keep some intruders away. But a live system that can talk is so much better. It doesn’t need to cost much either - especially without professional monitoring contracts.

We stock a range of easy-fit, no-contract alarms that provide effective and reliable multi-zone detection capability. They’re all designed by Yale, one of the most trusted names in security.

Top of our range is a hugely versatile smartphone alarm that can, amongst other things, send images of any disturbance to your phone.

Yale EF-KIT2 easy fit telecommunicating alarm

While our simplest alarm systems are quick to install but still give assured security.


The Yale easy fit starter alarm kit

This is a brilliantly easy alarm to set up; it’s literally ready to go straight from the box. And you won’t be compromising on security, it’s packed full of technology including anti jamming features and it’s easily expandable allowing you to add up to 30 accessories as your circumstances change.


Yale EF-KIT1 easy fit standard alarm

The Easy Fit Standard Alarm is a basic keypad operated system ideal for a flat or smaller home. It is set and unset via an access code with a 20 second exit/entry period. Up to 30 linked sensors can provide wireless multi-zone protection. Have a look at our installation video to see how easy it is to get set up.



Security Lights. A very bright idea

One of the simplest and most popular security measures is to install security lighting. For maximum deterrence, go for a bright light that is activated by cutting edge Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors. These detect motion through the changes in air temperature caused by a moving human body, and have a surprisingly long range.

Wickes 400W professional PIR floodlight

This professional quality 400W halogen floodlight works with a PIR sensor able to scan for 12m round a full 180 degree arc.



Still your most essential security measure.

It sounds obvious but it’s often a blindspot for householders. It’s important to make sure that your various locks are up to the job, especially on critical entrance points like back doors or easily accessible windows. Burglars are often opportunistic and a good lock will sometimes be enough to make them move on to another house. We have a large range of locks, latches, bolts and secure window handles. Take time to pick the ones best for your particular home layout and you’ll be rewarded with peace of mind.

This Yale 5 Lever British Standard Deadlock is insurance approved and offers the maximum level of security for external wooden doors. It also has the benefit of an anti drill plate and an anti saw bolt.

Yale P-M562-PB-80 5 british standar level deadlock 76mm brass

For a lock to use with a door handle have a look at the Yale British Standard 5 Leaver sash lock. This is also insurance approved and has an anti saw bolt and an anti drill plate.


Multipoint Locks

If you have a UPVC door it’s likely that you will have a multipoint locking system. These have a finite life so it’s worth checking for signs of failure that will mean your door is not as secure as it could be.

Wickes tips

Tip 1 - Does your door handle droop excessively or does it feel loose

Tip 2 - Are the locking points showing signs of damage or are the worn

Tip 3 - Does your handle male a clunking or grinding noise when operated

Tip 4 - Does one or more of the locking points fail to operate fully when you lift the handle

* It’s worth replacing your multipoint lock as soon as it starts to show any of these signs.