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Meet our Kitchen & Bathroom installers

Get up close to the team who build and install dream kitchens and stunning bathrooms every day.





Great service, every day

“The best part of the job is the look on peoples faces when you’ve finished the job. You’ve helped them with their dream kitchen and I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I was part responsible for their happiness.”

“Installations being booked from satisfied customer recommendations are a big thing we focus on. It makes you proud when a customer recommends you based on good workmanship.”

“Wickes sell flat pack kitchen units and that helps the customers, as they are less likely to get damaged (in transit and moving around obstacles in the home) and they are able to be customised more easily to fit around awkward spaces.”

“The installers have a great relationship with the design consultants from the showrooms, which is key because it’s all about the team effort, the designers, the installers and the customers.”




Transforming your space, respecting your home

“One of the main things that we try to do is not walk through the entire house. Normally there’s a route that goes out into the garden, or we’ll go round the drive rather than go through their front room. We try and keep the disruption down to a minimum.”

“It’s about treating the customers house with respect. Putting dust sheets down, sweeping up at the end of the day, cleaning the garage if I’ve got materials in there and taking shoes off when you’ve got to go upstairs and go into the loft. It’s common sense really at the end of the day.”

“I like to treat a customer’s house like I’d expect my own house to be treated. It’s as simple as that.”

Tips on getting the best from your Wickes installer…

“Communication is key, especially when it comes to the initial survey. That’s the time for the installer and the customer to discuss the project, foresee any potential issues and agree on solutions upfront.”

“Spend some 10 or 15 mins with the installer at the start of the day, that way they can talk you through what they’re planning on doing and you can mention any concerns you may have. It’s all about communication.”

“Try and make all your decisions before the installation starts. Changing your mind during the installation can cost you more money.”