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Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

There are 137 types of blood cancer: we’re here to beat them all

Our charity partners, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, have changed their name to Bloodwise.

We’ve raised almost £5 million to help beat blood cancer over our 8 year partnership and we’re not stopping there. Every penny we raise means more people surviving blood cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma and more lives improved!

In September, we’re supporting Bloodwise in a slightly different way

We’ll be helping them to spread the word about a new campaign they’re running to raise awareness of blood cancer. Bloodwise's research revealed people simply don't know enough about blood cancer. It will be the UK’s biggest ever blood cancer awareness campaign and Wickes will be making it even bigger!

There are 137 different types of blood cancer, with different names, symptoms and challenges. It makes it hard to understand and talk about, particularly some of the more rare cancers like Acute myelofibrosis and can leave patients feeling isolated. Bloodwise want to change that.

So together with some of the country’s top street artists, they’ve created a campaign that puts all 137 different blood cancers on the map for the first time and lets patients know they’re here to beat every single one.

You can see the Bloodwise 137 campaign on posters up and down the country and in Wickes stores throughout September.

Find out more at

Our journey so far...

October 2006

The partnership launches

The partnership between Wickes and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research launches. Wickes colleagues fundraised for Ian Botham’s ‘Beefy Bowls out Teenage Cancer’ walk, wearing pedometers to try to beat his 200 miles in 9 days.

February 2008

Go Without to Give Life campaign

Wickes staff give up something they love for the whole of 2008 to raise funds for research into blood cancers. Tommy Walsh pledges to give up chocolate!

November 2008

Past the £500k mark!

November 2009

Past the £1m mark!

August 2010

The "50p Ask"

Wickes colleagues and customers around the country raise £100,000 in just one week to help celebrate Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research's 50th Anniversary.

May 2011

The Thames Challenge

One group of colleagues conquered the entire length of the River Thames in 3 days by cycling, running and canoeing over 215 miles!

December 2011

Past the £2m mark!

June 2012

Big 10 Cycle Challenge

Over 200 Wickes colleagues joined together in an amazing challenge to cycle across the entire country, and visit all 217 Wickes stores to support blood cancer patients in the UK, covering 3,500 miles and raising £37,000!

June 2013

The Big Rowathon

The BIG Rowathon was the first event in the partnership's history that EVERY store took part in on the same day. Hundreds of colleagues and customers up and down the country rowed a total of 84 million miles and raised over £75,000.

May 2013

Past the £3m mark!

August 2014

Wickes Around the World!

Wickes colleagues up and down the country ride a staggering 32,490 miles on static bikes to push us over the £4m mark! Well done everyone!!

September 2014

Paris Bike Ride

Paris Bike Ride

A group of Wickes colleagues completed the gruelling London to Paris Bike Ride.

June and July 2015

3 Peaks Challenge

3 Peaks Challenge

Two teams of Wickes colleagues scaled the 3 peaks challenge this summer, raising over £3,500.

August 2015

The “50p Ask”

The “50p Ask”

Wickes colleagues and customers around the country raise Over £51K in just one weekend!

April 2007

White Van Wit joke book published

"What do you call a man with a number plate on his head? Reg!" Wickes customers were asked to contribute their favourite jokes to a joke book which was sold in Wickes stores, raising over £50,000.

October 2007

Inaugural charity dinner

Our first Charity Dinner raises a spectacular £105,000 on the night!

June 2008

Three Peaks Challenge

Wickes colleagues took part in The Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the 3 highest mountains in Great Britain in an impressive 21 hours, 59 minutes! They raised over £10,000!

October 2009

The Kilimanjaro Challenge

An intrepid team of 16 from Wickes, including some of our suppliers, set off to climb Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro and raised £68,000.

July 2010

The Three Lakes Challenge

Poor weather and two cap-sizes didn't stop a group of colleagues who canoed across 3 of the biggest lakes in the British Isles in 24 hours, raising a fantastic £21,000. "Anyone who had managed to stay dry got thrown into the lake!"

October 2010

The Volcano Challenge

Over 13 days of gruelling high altitude trekking and mountain climbing a team of colleagues climbed four volcanoes in South America, one of which is still active and another of which is 1,000 feet higher than Mount Kilimanjaro! An amazing £64,000 raised.

September 2011

The Everest Challenge

The Everest Challenge was an extreme adventure, cycling from Shigatse to Kathmandu. The altitude and terrain made this an extremely tough challenge, coming across some of the highest mountain passes in the world and extremes of weather. £23,800 raised!


September 2012

The Alaska Challenge

A team of 19 from Wickes, including colleagues from our suppliers, attempted one of our toughest challenges yet - crossing the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska: backpacking through mountains, ice climbing over glaciers and rafting down rivers. £39,600 raised!

June 2013

The Cross Channel Challenge

Colleagues from Wickes Region 14 took part in a gruelling event, running a half marathon, kayaking across the English Channel, and cycling 200 miles as they made their way from Dover to Paris. The team raised an amazing £43,000!

April 2014

Wickes launches "Red you Shed"

Do you need a little bit more red in your life? Then look out for special red products we've launched - for every sale of these items Wickes donates 50% of the profits to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. £100,000 raised already and counting!

August 2014 Past the £4m mark!

Past the £4m mark!

May 2015

Hop-up Kilimanjaro

Paris Bike Ride

The May Bank Holiday weekend saw every Wickes in the country rack up 38,000 steps – the equivalent to Mount Kilimanjaro – using their own Hop-ups in stores! This worked out as a step for every patient as 38,000 people in the UK are newly diagnosed with a blood cancer each year. Approximately £35,000 was raised and some stores even completed enough steps to climb back down again!


For further information please contact Rowan Parkes at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research on 020 7504 2290 or email Registered charity 216032 (England & Wales) SC037529 (Scotland)