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Ideas to help you create your dream kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so you want the décor and design to be just right. You have an idea of the look you want, but how do you actually create it?

Well, tiles play a big part in the overall aesthetic, and can transform a space instantly. Here we show how tiles can help you achieve your dream kitchen look.

Classic kitchen

Marble effect tiles in soft neutral tones are a great choice if you want a classic kitchen. To give the space an up-to-date yet still classic feel, choose rectangular tiles for walls, and lay them in the Brick pattern or the Straight Lay.

Confused about layouts? Check out our kitchen tile layout guide.

Country kitchen

Subway tiles are the number one choice for this traditional look. Create a splashback or tile the walls around your kitchen cabinets for a traditional yet modern feel. Want to give the country look a twist? Try subway tiles in non-traditional colours, or use coloured grouting to make white tiles pop.

Modern white kitchen

White kitchens are very stylish and won’t date easily either. But how do you keep them from feeling too sterile? Tiles can help. Add texture and interest with textured white wall tiles—they’ll give your kitchen a designer look and feel, and you get to be creative with lighting too (thoughtful light placement can show-off wall tile texture to stunning effect).

Update an all-white kitchen with subway tiles on the walls. They’re on-trend right now, but have timeless appeal, so they’re a good investment. They give a clean, classic-meets-contemporary look on walls and splashbacks.

Create the illusion of space in a smaller all-white kitchen with softly reflective white wall tiles. Use them on one wall to keep them from feeling ‘too much’. This effect can be repeated on the floor with large highly polished white or off-white tiles.

Wood kitchen

Wood is a big trend and there are some great ways to introduce this theme using tiles. A wood-effect splashback is stunning, and when paired with sleek worktops, just oozes contemporary style.

Or go for wood-effect floor tiles—these are so versatile and can create looks from classic to contemporary. Look at our layout guide for tips on how to achieve the look you want.

Monochrome kitchen

Black, white and grey are a match made in décor heaven. It’s difficult to go wrong with this colour scheme, as it’s so versatile:

Modern monochrome

If you’ve got white kitchen units and want a bold contemporary look, use black tiles on the walls, but soften the impact with textured or ‘aged’ look tiles. These are a big story right now, and will make most kitchen cabinets feel more up to date instantly.

Classic monochrome

White subway wall tiles with black or grey pencil liners/stick tiles create a classic British kitchen look. Choose highly polished large white floor tiles to create the feeling of light and space, and add black and grey kitchen accents.

Vintage monochrome

Create a vintage monochrome look with a tiled feature floor. These are this year’s feature walls, and work brilliantly in kitchens. Choose a black and white geometric print tile, and keep wall tiles plain, so the floor is the focal point.

Black tiles

These make an impact in any kitchen, and with today’s tiles you can control the effect. Create a sophisticated look with rectangular matt tiles arranged vertically in a straight lay pattern.  Keep other lines in the kitchen similar with sleek fittings, and keep clutter hidden away.

Go for understated elegance and glamour with softly reflective black floor or wall tiles. Choose large square tiles and lay them in a straight lay pattern for a clean, unfussy feel.

Mosaic kitchens

There are lots of looks you can create with mosaic tiles:

Soft mosaics

If you want a subtle twist on a neutral or all-white kitchen, a mosaic splashback or feature wall in the same colour is a great idea. It’ll create the appearance of space and bring a touch of personality to a neutral kitchen.

Colourful mosaics

If you want to introduce colour into your kitchen, mosaic tiles are a great way to do it. They come in lots of hues and textures, so you can create exactly the look you want. Colourful mosaic tiles work very well as splashbacks and on feature walls. Try tiles in this year’s rich spice market hues—think of the vibrant colours you’d find in a Moroccan souk.

One-colour mosaics

Create an impact with one-colour mosaic tiles. These give a grown-up, hotel-chic look and work particularly well with black, grey, white or neutral tiles.

Kitchens with impact

If you want a statement kitchen, there are lots of ways to do it with tiles.

Get creative with borders and feature tiling

Thinking of tiling your kitchen? Then be inspired by our border and feature ideas. From vertical splashbacks to feature floors, find the idea that’ll make your kitchen stand out.

Subway splashback

Channel the Big Apple with an achingly stylish subway tile splashback. These tiles are so versatile, and can be used to create looks from classic to contemporary.

Go for clean and timeless white, or choose an on-trend spice-market hue and give your kitchen a cool old-meets-new feel. Play around with size, grouting and layout to create exactly the look you want.

Black out

Like the idea of a black kitchen, but afraid of going all-black? Tiles can help you out. They now come in a whole range of finishes and textures, so you create the impact you want with a feature wall or splashback.

Wickes tip: Textured or ‘aged’ effect tiles soften the impact of black tiles, and look good paired with sleek modern appliances.

Borders, reimagined

Borders are no longer just the domain of the middle of the wall. They can go anywhere you want, and you can have more than one, too.

Break up an all-white kitchen with a black border around the floor; add a little something to subway tiles with a contrasting pencil liner/stick tile; or create a completely unique look with a vertical and horizontal borders that cross each other.

Splashback makeover

Want to update your kitchen but don’t have the budget? Then try different coloured grouting between your splashback tiles—you’ll be surprised how much this can transform the look of your kitchen.

Tile island

Want to update your kitchen without redecorating the whole room? Tiling the side of the bar or island could be the answer. It’ll add a unique twist to your kitchen without the work of retiling everything.

Tile layout patterns

You have an idea about the kind of kitchen tiles you want, but how do you decide on a layout? We’ve put together the most popular tile patterns so you can quickly find the one you like most. From the simple to the intricate, be inspired to create the tile look you want.