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Wickes – Passionate about Windows

main-hero-enlarge.jpg Oak Finish PVCu

Our range of over 150 Windows can be delivered to your home or site.

Each window has a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and features thermally efficient double-glazing and secure locking mechanisms to ensure your home remains warm, safe and free from unwanted noise.

Choose from:

    - PVCu Casement Windows
    - Centre Pivot Roof Windows
    - Flat Roof Windows System
    - Top-Hung Roof Windows
    - 'Means of Escape' Roof Windows



PVCu Casement Windows

White PVCu

All Wickes PVCu Casement Windows are constructed with a strong, hardwearing 70mm frame that will never flake, rot, peel or rust. They are available in a variety of styles; white, oak finish and white Georgian Bar.

We also guarantee that each one of our windows complies with the latest Building Regulations.

Changes to Building Regulations

On the 1st October 2010, New Building Regulations Part L states that replacement casement windows will be required to achieve a Window Energy Rating of at least a 'C', or a whole window (not centre pane) U-value of 1.6W/m2k. All Wickes windows meet this new standard.

Window Energy Rating Certificate

Window Energy Ratings use a simple traffic light 'A-G' ratings guide
similar to the ones you might have seen on domestic goods like washing machines and dishwashers. The label displays the
Window Energy Rating alongside other important information such as the U-value of the product and effective air leakage.




Features & Benefits

Georgian Bar PVCu

    - 'Low E' 24mm double glazing provides excellent thermal efficiency and a reduction in unwanted noise with an overall U Value of just 1.6W/m2K
    - Strong, hardwearing 70mm white PVCu frame which is virtually maintenance free and will never flake, rot, peel or rust
    - Secure locking system and internally beaded for added security
    - Trickle system allowing clean fresh air ventilation even when window is locked and secure
    - No need to deglaze when installing with fixing cleats
    - Compliant with Building Regulations Part L and Part F and Scottish Section 6 - Conforms to BSEN 1279-2: 2002
    - Sizes shows are actual window sizes. Add 30mm to the height for sills and 10mm for the opening brick work dimension
    - Handles, sills, egress hinges and extenders are sold
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Corrosion resistant hardware with slimline, stylish design


Trickle ventilation offered as standard


Secure locking system


Oak Finish PVCu (white finish on internal faces)


Oak Finish Sill




Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Our Centre Pivot Roof Windows are the most commonly requested and versatile of our range. They are available in both pine and a white polyurethane coated finish. Wickes White Centre Pivot windows have moisture resistant properties and are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or any room prone to smoke, dust or steam.

Features & Benefits

    - 'Low E' double glazing with toughened outer pane for improved thermal efficiency, with a U Value of just 1.4W/m2K
    - Low profile as standard provides a streamlined appearance with your roof
    - Trickle system with insect filter ensures only clean fresh air ventilation even when window is locked and secure - Reversible 180 degrees window enables outer surface to be cleaned from inside the room.
    - Constructed from FSC prime multi-laminated quality pine for increased strength. The pine is hand-sanded for a craftsman finish, and lacquered with multiple coats to achieve a stain resistant surface.
    - Specially designed 'flick fit' reduces installation time by up to 50%.
    - Maintenance-free hinge – no need to lubricate.
    - Can be install. - BBA Certified.
    - Satisfies Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations and Scottish Section 6.

Our Centre Pivot Roof Windows are available in 4 glazing options:

Glazing Specification Clear Frosted Triple Glazed Self Cleaning
Outer Pane Thickness 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm
Toughened Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gas Filled Cavity Sizes 20mm 20mm 2 x 8mm Krypton 18mm
Inner Pane(s) Thickness 4mm 4mm 2 x 4mm 6mm
U Value 1.4w/m2k 1.4w/m2k 1.3w/m2k 1.4w/m2k



Flat Roof Windows System

Our Flat Roof Windows System allows you to install our Centre Pivot Roof Windows into a flat or low pitched roof up to 15 degrees.

The Wickes Flat Roof Window System comes supplied with:

  • A double-glazed Centre Pivot Window in natural pine
  • An insulated timber upstand
  • Flashing to integrate the window onto the timber upstand

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Top-Hung Roof Windows

Top-Hung Roof Windows are commonly used in low pitch roofs, where a wide and unobstructed view is needed. Opening outwards, these windows don't take up any internal space compared to a centre pivot window. Our top-hung windows are available in natural pine with clear glass.

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Roof Windows2.jpg

'Means of Escape' Roof Windows

Our 'Means of Escape' Roof Windows open to 45 degrees in compliance with current building regulations and standards. The unique design allows any position hold-control from 0 degrees to 15 degrees. With a push beyond 15 degrees the window will gently move to its fully open position of 45 degrees.

Although hinged at the top for escape purposes, our 'Means of Escape' windows retains its ventilation flap and centre-pivoting hinge for cleaning purposes.

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We can deliver any Wickes window straight to your home or site.

For more details visit our Delivery Information page.