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Blue Circle Extra Rapid Setting Cement - 5kg
When you want to do some brick or block work and don’t want the fuss of working out a mix with sand and cement. Here is a premixed ready to use quality assured mortar that just needs water and its ...Read more
Blue Circle Ready To Use Postcrete - 20kg
The UKs best selling post fixing concrete. Easy to use - just add to water in the hole where you are putting the fence post. Sets within 5 to 10 minutes.Read more
Blue Circle Ready To Use Slablayer Plus -
The best way to lay paving securely. Strong adhesive properties keep slabs permanently in place. Ready to mix and lay onto a prepared sub-base for really firm, level slabs.Read more
Setcrete Concrete Repair Mortar - 10kg
Setcrete™ Concrete Repair Mortar is an easy to use, Polymer Cement Concrete mortar for the non-structural repair of damaged or worn concrete. It is ideal for the non-structural repair of lower strength concrete elements such as concrete walls, door frames, ...Read more