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Chamfered Mitred Primed MDF Architrave Set - 14.5mm
Precision engineered, pre-primed, MDF architrave. Pre-mitred Architrave set designed for ease of fit and reduction in fitting time. Ideal for finishing a door frame and provides an excellent surface for painting.Read more
Wickes Bullnose Fully Finished Architrave - 14.5mm x
High-quality, fully finished Bullnose MDF Architrave which is ideal for finishing a door frame. Colour matched with Wickes Quick Dry Satin Brilliant White Paint for ease and speed of installation.Read more
Wickes Pine Decorative Cover Moulding - 8mm x
Decorative mouldings are used to add a traditional style to complement any room, providing the perfect finishing touch. Ideal for use as a decorative trim to add detail to doors, walls, ceilings & furniture.Read more
Wickes Pine Dowel Moulding - 6mm x 6mm
Dowels are typically used to reinforce woodworking joints in place or mortice and tenon joint and have a variety of other DIY applications, including use as a rail, curtain pole, broom handle and also great for plugging screw holes.Read more