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Einhell GC-ET 3023 Electric Grass Trimmer
The Einhell GC-ET 3023 Electric Grass Trimmer is a practical, powerful tool which helps you produce an immaculately cut lawn through effortless trimming in hard-to-reach areas of the garden.Read more
Einhell GE-CL 18 Li E Cordless Leaf Blower
The GE-CL 18 Li E Kit cordless leaf blower is a powerful and reliable tool which enables the quick and user-friendly cleaning of open areas and niches.Read more
Einhell GE-LC 18 Li Cordless Chainsaw Kit
The Einhell Power X-Change GE-LC 18 Li Chainsaw Kit is ideal for cutting logs up to 25cm wide with cordless freedom. This dependable, handy chainsaw is ideal for pruning or felling small to medium-size trees, making firewood and trimming or ...Read more
Flymo Simpli Cut Li Hedge Trimmer
Perfectly designed for smaller gardens, the SimpliCut Li is Flymo’s first integrated battery hedge trimmer. With a blade length of 40cm and a teeth gap of 16mm, it makes easy work of any standard garden hedge. Made for the user ...Read more