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FloPlast WF07 FlexiFlo Waste Straight Coupling - 30mm
Use to connect all types of pipe including copper, lead, iron, PVC and polypropylene within a size of 30mm to 38mm. Fitted quickly and easily using a flat blade screw driver for a water tight seal.Read more
Primaflow Brass Female Iron Straight Coupling - 3/4in
For a speedy system build use compression fittings.Read more
Primaflow Copper End Feed Street Elbow - 22mm
Create your own flow system by using the endfeed range to build a strong and leak free system.Read more
Primaflow Copper Pushfit Reducing Tee - 22 X
Copper push fit components are durable and easy to install, the push-fit system is suitable for hot and cold water applications and no tools are required for installation as components are reusable.Read more