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FloPlast 50mm Air Admittance Valve - White
The 50mm White Air Admittance Valve should be used in above ground drainage systems to allow the free entry of air into the sanitary pipework without the the escape of foul gases into the building. When installed onto sanitary work ...Read more
McAlpine C10A Adjustable Bottle Trap - 38mm
An adjustable inlet and extra swivel makes the trap suitable for domestic repair, maintenance and improvement work.Read more
McAlpine SC10 Seal P Trap - 38 x
Manufactured from high temperature white polypropylene with compression type outlets that fit plastic and copper waste pipes.Read more
Osma HepVO BV1 Waterless Waste Valve White -
Hygienic self sealing waste valve that can be installed horizontally and in confined spaces.Read more