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Fine Elements 9 Inch Desk Fan
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Our range of portable heating and cooling devices are convenient and flexible, allowing you to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whether you want a backup plan in case your central heating breaks down or a quick way to cool down smaller rooms during the warmer months, you can easily move your portable radiator, heater or air conditioner to whichever room requires heating or cooling.

Types of heater

An oil filled radiator is an ideal solution for quick and hassle-free heating in rooms that don’t have space for a full-size, wall mounted radiator. Our selection of oil filled heaters include options with wheels for ease of movement, with power levels varying from 500W to 2kW, so you can find the best fit for any sized room in your home.

An electric fan heater is powered by heating elements that convert electrical energy to heat, projecting quickly for efficient and powerful warmth. We have a selection of fan heaters including floor standing and compact designs, so you can choose the best style for you.

Convector heaters work by circulating air across heating elements and into your room for constant heat on demand. Typically quieter than fan heaters, convector radiators run silently, with adjustable power settings and thermostat control, making them a great addition to larger rooms and offices.

To keep your home cool in the summer, our range of portable air conditioners can cool rooms that are up to 45 cubic metres in size with a 9000BTU rating.