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Blanc Crystal Zenith Laminate Splashback 3000x900x9mm
Finish off a Blanc Crystal Zenith worksurface or breakfast bar with the Blanc Crystal Zenith Laminate splashback, with a Fusion texture for a slight sparkle. Alternatively, make a statement by pairing the Blanc Crystal Zenith splashback with a contrasting worktop. ...Read more
Boston Zenith Laminate Splashback 3000x900x9mm
Complete your Boston Zenith Compact Worktop and Breakfast Bar combinations with the Boston Zenith laminate splashback, designed to look like grey stone terrazzo, and protect paintwork in the kitchen.Read more
Cloudy Nova Zenith Laminate Splashback 3000x900x9mm
Cloudy Nova Zenith laminate splashback is a cloudy, grey stone effect splashback designed to look like real stone with realistic white streaks and stormy charcoal depth. Finish the Cloudy Nova Zenith look and protect walls by matching it to Cloudy ...Read more
Marbre Veneto Zenith Laminate Splashback 3000x900x9mm
The Marbre Veneto Zenith Laminate Splashback is the ideal addition to the Marbre Veneto Zenith compact worktops and breakfast bar, extending the realistic white marble pattern up the wall for a luxurious slab effect, and protecting paintwork.Read more