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2 for £16
Evo-Stik Mitre Adhesive - 50g
£19.60 per 100G
Gorilla Multi Purpose Glue - 60ml
£12 per 100ML
Gorilla Clear Glue - 170ml
Gorilla Glue - 1 Litre
Gorilla Advanced Formula Super Glue - 15g
£0.51 per GM
Gorilla Super Glue - 2x3g
Bostik Blu Tack Adhesive Handy
Gorilla Multi Purpose Glue - 250ml
£5.60 per 100ML
Gorilla Super Glue XL - 25g
Gorilla Super Glue Gel - 15g
Gorilla Glue Clear 50 ml
Gorilla Epoxy Glue - 25ml
£32 per 100ML
Wickes Multi-Purpose Instant Super Glue - 20g
£0.21 per G
Loctite Super Glue Precision Max - 10g
£0.45 per GM

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Gorilla Contact Adhesive is a flexible, fast-drying, crystal clear glue that creates a strong, permanent bond. Once fully cured, this glue is both paintable and waterproof meaning it’s washing machine safe and can withstand rain. Gorilla Contact Adhesive’s no-run formula ...Read more
Gorilla Wood Glue - 236ml
For a strong, fast bond across a variety of wood surfaces, Gorilla Wood Glue is the hard-working, water resistant formula, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Gorilla Wood Glue is an easy-to-use, water based PVA adhesive, with a grip time ...Read more
Soudal Fix ALL High Tack Hybrid Sealant &
Super strong sealant, adhesive and filler with high initial grab. Perfect for all sealing and heavy-duty bonding applications. Suitable for interior and exterior use, on all common building materials, including porous (e.g. natural stone), non-porous, wet and humid surfaces.Read more
Soudal Fix ALL Turbo Hybrid Adhesive - 290ml
Super-fast setting adhesive with high final bond strength. Turbo has a rapid strength build-up after 20 minutes, reaching full strength in just 3 hours. Suitable for all types of bonding applications, onto all common materials and surfaces.Read more