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Araldite Multi-Purpose Repair Bar - 50g
Araldite Repair 50g Bar is a hard, long lasting solvent-free multi-purpose repair putty which is waterproof and can be drilled, filled, painted or sanded. Bonds to most materials. Recommended for metal pipes, tanks, radiators, tools and equipment, guttering and stripped ...Read more
Geocel The Works No Limit Secure & Seal
With the WORKS sealant adhesive you can manage all kinds of jobs impossible with traditional solvent or water based adhesives, apply the WORKS in wet or dry conditions on virtually any substrate and get a secure fix and seal quickly ...Read more
Gorilla Multi Purpose Glue - 250ml
Gorilla Glue for both professional tradesmen and casual DIYers, Gorilla Glue has earned its reputation by being so tough. When it comes to sticking, it gets results. Wood, Metal, Stone, Ceramics: whatever surface you apply it to, even dissimilar, it ...Read more
Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler - White 550g
Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler has a two-part system that creates seriously tough repairs to virtually any interior or exterior wood. You can fill to any depth and even drill, screw or plane it.Read more