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Bosch PLT2 Tile Laser Level
Laser measurers from Bosch make complicated alignment of objects a thing of the past, and the PLT 2 Tile Laser is the perfect example. Thanks to the PLT 2’s two clearly visible laser lines arranged at an exact 90° angle, ...Read more
Bosch Truvo Pipe and Cable Digital Detector
Reliable detection of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and live wires behind your walls.Read more
Bosch Universal Level 2 Cross Line Laser Level
The Universal Level 2 has a self-levelled laser cross with a horizontal and vertical opening angle of a min. 120°. Incorporated with Bosch Laser Technology, it has a typical accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm/m and a working range of up ...Read more
DEWALT DW089K-XJ Multi Line Laser Level
The DEWALT multi-line laser is a professional 3 way laser level accurate to +/-3mm/m. The level features 3 button controls, an adjustment dial for fine alterations and a battery indicator to make use as easy as possible. The DEWALT line ...Read more