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How to plan your bathroom

Plan your dream bathroom

Plan a stunning bathroom with one of our design specialists.

A Wickes personal design consultant can assist you every step of the way to planning your dream bathroom. If you choose the Wickes installation service, your design consultant will work closely with the installers to ensure your new bathroom is exactly how you intended. Browse our Bathroom Gallery and visit one of our showrooms where our expert design consultants will offer advice on every aspect of your bathroom.

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To prepare for your consultation, it’s good to get an idea of what you want your new bathroom to look like and what you need to think about in order to achieve your perfect space. It’s also important to consider the finishing touches such as paint and tiling to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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Accessibility Having enough space around key areas such as the bath, shower, basin, toilet, cabinets and mirrors is very important when planning the layout of your bathroom. This must be factored into design decisions as well as the needs of different users.

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If you want to make an impact, consider what you’d like to draw focus to when you enter the room. It might be your new bath or shower unit, a beautifully tiled wall or a window view. In addition to daily routine, bathrooms are places to unwind so plan your layout for relaxation too.

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Bathroom Lighting


Carefully chosen and positioned lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere and be functional. Consider a combination of task lighting for your daily routine, ambient lighting to set the mood and feature lighting to beautifully highlight key areas of your design.

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Bathroom lighting must be safe against water ingress and have the appropriate IP (ingress protection) rating. A qualified electrician should plan and fit all new wiring into your bathroom. Check that any existing circuits conform to modern regulations and update if necessary. For more information, visit electrical safety in the bathroom.

Storing and organising

Storing and organising

Think about how much actual storage you need and how many people will be using the bathroom. Some may prefer individual storage for their own things and consider the needs of different users – taller wall units are useful for keeping hazardous items such as medicines, razors or cleaning products out of reach of children.

Also, decide whether you want everyday items such as toothbrushes, soap and shampoo on display or concealed. For open access storage solutions, choose appropriate shelving and bathroom accessories and shower accessories in addition to any built-in units.

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When it comes to choosing between the different designs available, you will need to consider a number of practicalities which may affect your options, including the water pressure in your home and whether or not your shower will be run off a combi boiler. It’s also worth considering the number of people who use the water supply in your home as the performance of your shower may be affected if another tap is turned on elsewhere while you are using it.

Electric showers should always be installed by a qualified fitter.

Gravity fed systems

Gravity fed systems

Typically found in older homes, low pressure gravity fed systems operate via a cold water storage tank usually located in the loft and a hot water cylinder often situated in the airing cupboard. If your shower will be run using this type of system, you have the most choice and can go for a low pressure mixer shower with or without a pump, an electric shower or a power shower.

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Combination (combi) boiler systems

A combi boiler is a high pressure system that ignites when you turn on the hot water taps to heat and deliver hot water on demand. The water feeds in directly from the mains so no storage tank or cylinder is required. If you have this type of system, choose from our wide range of mixer showers without a pump and electric showers.

High pressure unvented systems

If you have a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard with an expansion vessel on top then you have a high-pressure, unvented hot water system. This is common in larger new homes and you can choose mixer showers without a pump and electric showers.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers

Mixer showers run from both a hot and cold water feed, allowing you to set the temperature and power to your own preference. Both manual and thermostatic options are available. Our thermostatic mixer showers have an inbuilt cartridge that maintains the water at a constant temperature, so you can enjoy a consistent showering experience even when other taps in the house are in use.

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Electric showers

Electric showers

Electric showers are suitable for any home regardless of the water system. They feed from the cold water mains and work by heating the water as it passes through an integral water heater, so are ideal if you don’t have a boiler.

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An electric shower will heat the water to your desired temperature and provide constant hot water 24 hours a day. They may have a slightly less powerful flow than a mixer or power shower, so if your mains water pressure is particularly low or you want to boost the pressure from a gravity fed system you may want to install a pump.

Bathroom Heating


We offer a wide variety of stylish and efficient heating options for your bathroom, including underfloor heating which will also help the floor dry quicker as well as feel pleasantly warm underfoot.

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Bathroom Tiling


Different colours, styles and textures can really transform the look and feel of your bathroom. To learn how tiling can help create your dream bathroom, see Bathroom Tiling Ideas & Inspiration and How To Plan Your Tiling Project.

Bathroom Paint


The colours you choose will make a big impact on your new bathroom. We offer a wide range of mould resistant bathroom paint and if you’d like some inspiration, view our colour ideas for complementary hues and schemes that will bring your bathroom to life.

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