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Get the Get the decadently dark look

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Get the decadently dark look

1 minute read

From elegant to industrial, dark shades offer the perfect canvas for a diverse colour palette and textures that can make your bathroom more atmospheric, serene and irresistibly interesting. Think inky, smoky and charcoal tones as well as rich, pigmented colours and go as dark as you dare. The darker the hue, the more mysterious and intriguing your space becomes.

Known to bring a calming and soothing effect, blue is one of the most versatile colours. Sophisticated shades of navy, indigo and midnight will give any bathroom a regal edge that invokes indulgence and opulence. Lavish with luxurious textiles, ornate furnishings and metallic trimmings of silver, brass and gold to elevate your look to the epitome of decadence.

These moody hues provide a beautiful backdrop for emphasising pops of bold colour and you can break up an otherwise uniform theme by contrasting accents of copper and wood for texture, warmth and a refined, subtly rustic feel. For a dark style that borders bohemian or vintage, complement with artisan, patterned tiles or adorn walls and floors with slate or other natural stone tiles for luxuriously laidback ambience.

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