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How to Hang a Bathroom Cabinet

This video guide & project page features a range of bathroom jobs from hanging cabinets to fitting new fixtures.

Tools for the job


Materials for the job



Preparation & Planning

Giving your bathroom a new look is actually quite straightforward - decide exactly what you want, then fit it into the space you have available in the most convenient way!

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Fitments & fittings usually come with aftercare instructions that should be kept safely. Using abrasive cleaners can be damaging, so only use cleaners approved for use on acrylic materials.

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Getting the job done - hints & tips

Your local building control officer should be advised about any changed or additional drainage work. Your work must also conform to current water byelaws.

Don't strip your old bath, basin, shower or WC out until you have the replacement on the premises!

You don't always have to remove old bathroom tiles - if they are still well bonded to the wall, they can be tiled over successfully.

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If you are breaking up baths or other items in situ you must wear protective glasses and also take steps to protect any windows in the room from flying debris.

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