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Getting a lush, professionally designed garden border is as easy as planting by numbers. Garden on a Roll's team of passionate horticulturists carefully select and place plants that will fill out over the summer weeks and years, giving you a beautiful garden border to suit your style.

How to create the perfect border


Step 1

Choose the style of border you would like, selecting the width and length of the border you would like to cover.


Step 2

Once your Garden on a Roll has arrived, prepare the border. Using a garden fork, turn the soil over, adding compost throughout. You should dig down to 30cm for best results.


Step 3

Roll out the paper and peg down. Set out the plants matching the letter on the plant pot to the letter on the paper.


Step 4

Cut along the dotted cross. Take the plants out of their pots and plant through the paper.


Step 5

Cover the paper with the remaining compost and water thoroughly.


Step 6

Continue watering daily for the first two weeks. If it rains, skip a day. After two weeks, watering can be reduced to every other day depending on the weather. The soil should never dry out; if it is hot and sunny, water every day. The paper will biodegrade in 6-8 weeks. Sit back and watch your garden flourish.

Included in your box

  • Carefully selected plants
  • Bio-degradable paper plan
  • Fertiliser
  • Gardening gloves
  • Hand trowel
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Choose your ideal border


Garden on a Roll Wildlife Border

A beautiful blend of flowering perennials that attract bees and butterflies combined with hardy flowering shrubs great for small birds to shelter and nest.

Plants include, but are not limited to: anemone, aster, buddleia, campanula, ceanothus, coreopsis, erysimum, escallonia, geranium, hebe, helenium, helleborus, lavender, ligustrum, lonicera, nepeta, penstemon, pyracantha, rosemary, salvia, scabiosa, viburnum, weigela.

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Garden on a Roll Mediterranean Border

This collection blends drought tolerant, aromatic plants with hot vibrant flower colours to bring a touch of Mediterranean to your garden.

Plants may include, but are not limited to: artemisia, ballota, callistemon, carex, ceanothus, cistus, cordyline, cytisus, euphorbia, festuca, gaillardia, helianthemum, kniphofia, lavender, leptospermum, olearia, penstemon, phormium, rosemary, uncinia, verbena.

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Garden on a Roll Mixed Sunny Border

Blending evergreen and flowering shrubs with perennials which will flourish in sunny locations, this Garden on a Roll border will blossom with colour and interest all year round.

Plants including, but not limited to: agapanthus, ceanothus, choisya, cistus, coreopsis, deutzia, erysimum, escallonia, hebe, helenium, heuchera, lavender, nepeta, penstemon, philadelphus, phormium, potentilla, rudbeckia, santolina, sedum, spiraea.

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Garden on a Roll Mixed Shady Border

With plants specifically selected to thrive in shady locations, this border blends perennials and evergreens with flowering shrubs, providing year round interest and colour.

Plants you can expect include: anemone, aucuba, bergenia, campanula, choisya, cotoneaster, euonymus, euphorbia, fatsia, fern, fuchsia, helleborus, heuchera, hosta, hydrangea, hypericum, ilex, leycesteria, lonicera, mahonia, phormium, skimmia, spiraea, viburnum.

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