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Simon - Attack of the Monster Movie Megafans

Simon Jago, 30 is a VFX Witness Camera Operator from London who rents a property. A huge fan of all things Kaiju (giant monster films), he wanted to host the ultimate monster-themed fantasy party to wow his friends.

Simon says: “I have my own YouTube channel and love being creative, especially behind the camera. My friends and I love coming up with cool ideas and messing around filming interesting things. So when one of my friends mentioned the idea to me, I was immediately on board.

“The party at the ‘big reveal’ appealed to us because we love entertaining at our house and we have a big garden, which is perfect for hosting lots of people. Coming up with the idea for the room was easy – we are huge fans of Kaiju and Godzilla seemed like the obvious choice to model the room after.

“We were definitely surprised when we saw the end result! No one could believe that this was the same room; it was totally unrecognisable. I think the series is really educational and unique, and will give people some great ideas on how to carry out DIY projects in their rented homes.”