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Alyssa - Big Bollywood Space Party

Alyssa Sharma, 25, is a Business Server Manager from Bracknell, Berkshire and owns her own home. As Alyssa’s parents never had a wedding, she wanted to throw her mum an anniversary party, combining the family’s love of both Bollywood and space for a quirky twist.

Alyssa says: “I’ve always wanted to throw my parents an anniversary party because they never had a wedding, and when I came across this interesting concept I thought it would be the perfect occasion.

“We all really love Bollywood and knew that it should be a big feature in the room we were creating, and after brainstorming a couple of ideas, we decided to combine two totally different concepts – Bollywood and Outer Space.

“During the transformation, we weren’t allowed to see the room to keep it as a surprise. My favourite part of the whole experience was the anticipation of the ‘big reveal’. I also really love meeting new people and doing different and exciting things, which I felt the series captured perfectly.

“When we all saw the final result, we were completely blown away. This experience has inspired us to become more adventurous with DIY in our home. After the whole process ended, we carried out some small DIY projects around the house, which my brother was very happy about because he loves all things DIY.”