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Paula - Plan a House of Horror

Paula Gahan, 30, is an Air Hostess from Brentford, London who rents a property with housemates. A fan of old horror films, tarot card reading and ghost tours, she wanted a spooky séance party for her housemate’s 21st birthday to see if their old Victorian house would uncover any ghostly secrets.

Paula says: “My roommates and I thought the series was a really fun idea. We love having people over but in a rented house there’s not much you feel you can do in terms of decoration. The house can feel a bit boring and bland when you don’t have the freedom to be creative.

“I have a passion for old Hammer House of Horror films and have always been interested in tarot cards, ghost stories and psychic readings. A room that centred around these things was my dream. We were so delighted with the outcome of the makeover – it turned out better than anyone could have imagined. My favourite part of the whole project was when my friends and I were sitting in the room, in our costumes, drinking red ‘blood’ drinks. it felt like we were on the set of a spooky movie!

“All of us got some great ideas on how to change up any room without permanently harming the structure of the house.”

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