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Explore by Colour

How to choose a colour

Choosing the right floor colour for your space will make a big impact. To get the most out of your new flooring, consider the following:

  • Room size and lighting. The colour you choose will affect how the space feels
  • TDark, warm colours will make a room feel cosier and smaller while a lighter colour accentuates the feeling of space
  • Try to coincide your colour palette with your décor. Lighter colours will draw more attention to your furnishings while darker colours will absorb light and blend with furniture


A light floor will add the feeling of space and make it brighter by reflecting light. This effect is complemented by light walls and expansive windows to create an open, airy room.


Moderate tones strike a balance between the bright, fresh feel of the lighter shades and the warmth of dark shades. They also offer a brilliant contrast with lighter walls without being too stark.


Dark flooring can give a room a cosy, snug feeling, ideal for a living area or bedroom. Dark tones are also great for creating contrast in a room, adding warmth and creating a more traditional look.


Grey is neutral and versatile. These cool tones draw attention to coloured room features and can be used to create a range of styles, from modern and contemporary to chic and sophisticated.