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Laminate & wooden flooring tips

Our useful tips will help you choose the right materials, designs and colours for your new floor, so you can achieve the best visual and practical results to suit your preferences and style.

Deciding on the best layout

Pets and heavy foot traffic in areas near exterior doors means that a light-coloured floor might not be the best option, as it will make mud and pet hair more obvious.

Create light

To brighten up your room, choose light-coloured flooring to reflect light. This is especially effective when paired with light walls.

Accentuate the feeling of space

A light-coloured floor not only looks great but it will also make a room feel larger.

Add warmth

To make a room feel warmer, choose a dark floor to absorb light. This will also create ambience and add atmosphere.

Contrast with furniture

It’s good to choose flooring that’s either two shades lighter or darker than your furniture to create contrast, especially if the furniture is wooden.

Emphasise width

In narrow spaces, such as a hallway, extra wide boards will create a more spacious feel than narrow floorboards or patterns.