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Artificial Grass FAQs

Can weed roots or moles affect artificial grass?

Artificial grass is designed with a strong woven scrim and tough latex backing to minimise these issues, particularly when combined with our recommended weed membrane.

How long does artificial grass last?

We would expect the grass to last between 15 to 20 years with average use in a domestic garden.

Will my artificial grass fade or discolour in the sun?

Artificial grass is guaranteed against discolouration for 10 years. It’s UV stabilised, so should retain its vibrancy for a number of years.

Can artificial grass be used on slopes or gradients?

Artificial grass is suitable for use anywhere.

Can I have a BBQ on my artificial grass?

Our artificial grass is thoroughly tested and adheres to EN ISO 9239-1 safety standards. We do recommend protecting your grass from stray coals, etc. by placing your BBQ on a hard standing area such as paving slabs.

Does artificial grass really look and feel like the real thing?

High quality artificial grass offers an incredibly natural look and feel. Our range is designed to mimic the aesthetics and textures of real grass accurately.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes, it’s very straightforward to install. For guidance, please see our how to video starring Sarah Beeny.

How much do I need and what should I do next?

Length and Width of Turf
  1. Measure the area you want to turf
  2. Our artificial grass comes in rolls that are 2m or 4m wide. Make sure you allow for the widest part of your lawn and order the required quantity
  3. Select your favourite grass and the accessories you will need to take care of the base and edging
  4. Shop all Artificial Grass & Accessories

Warranty information for artificial grass

All Namgrass products come with at least a 10 year warranty. Namgrass offer this because they manufacture all their artificial grass products themselves and can control the quality and the workmanship that goes into its manufacture at their factory in Belgium. All you need to do when you’ve purchased your Namgrass artificial grass lawn is go to the Namgrass website and register your warranty

Namgrass 10 Year warranty details information for artificial grass

Namgrass guarantees synthetic grass carpet for a period of 10 years, providing that the prescribed maintenance is carried out.

What's included

  • Abnormal wear
  • Abnormal ageing
  • Resistance of the carpet against normal weather influences
  • Resistance of the carpet against rotting under normal conditions

The Namgrass warranty shall be valid, provided that the following conditions have been respected:

  • The surface is only used for the application that it is designed for and not used for different purposes in general
  • The surface has been used in accordance with the instructions e.g. use of appropriate footwear (no spikes), not used during frost (-15°C), etc.
  • The infill is in accordance with the standard infill procedure (no post fibrillation, use of rounded and siliceous sand, etc.)
  • The secondary products (glues, adhesive tapes, sand, rubber granules, etc.) are used according to the recommendations of Namgrass
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the artificial grass carpet is in accordance with the maintenance manual of Namgrass

A claim cannot be made under the warranty if:

  • The surface has been subject to vandalism, chemical attack, fire, natural disasters, mechanical fibrillation, etc.
  • Damages to the artificial grass carpet are due to improper design or installation of the subbase of the area
  • Wear or abrasions of the artificial grass carpet are caused by an inadequate subbase
  • Namgrass will not, in any case, be held responsible for any chemical reaction to the fibres caused by infill materials

The warranty only refers to the material damage to the artificial grass carpet itself and relates exclusively to possible repair or partial or complete replacement of the artificial grass carpet, as required by the circumstances. Any product repairs or replacements performed under the terms of this warranty shall not lead to any extension whatsoever of the warranty. If the provisions of this warranty lead to partial or complete repair, we’ll cover the cost in accordance with the following conditions:

Years after completion of installation

  • 1 year max. 100% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 2 year max. 85% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 3 year max. 70% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 4 year max. 55% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 5 year max. 40% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 6 year max. 25% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 7 year max. 15% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 8 year max. 7% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 9 year max. 5% of the invoiced amount of carpet
  • 10 year max. 3% of the invoiced amount of carpet