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Shed & outdoor storage ideas

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right outdoor storage for your space. Our guide will help you understand the types available and which is best for you.



We have a wide range of sheds to suit your needs in a variety of sizes and materials, all of which feature different benefits according to their design.

Wooden shed

This is the most popular shed and is available in different styles. Wooden sheds can shrink or split in changing weather conditions so you’ll need to treat them annually with a wood preserver. Hinges and locks need to be oiled regularly too and leaves should be removed from the roof to prevent damp. Different timber shed types to consider are:

Overlap sheds


Overlapping boards protect the interior from rain damage. We offer both dip treated and pressure treated overlap sheds. The pressure treated sheds have a longer guarantee against rot and don’t need to be treated as frequently as dip treated sheds.

  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
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Shiplap sheds


Each piece of timber connects to the next with an interlocking tongue and groove joint.

  • Excellent rain resistance
  • Robust structure
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Metal sheds

Metal sheds

Most metal sheds are made from galvanized steel with a paint or plastic coating. You can also buy wood-effect metal sheds if you prefer the look of wood but want the durability of metal.

  • Good at withstanding extreme weather (they won't swell, warp or split from frost)
  • Resistant to pests & fire
  • Durable
  • Secure – great for storing expensive tools
  • Different features are available, such as sliding doors
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Plastic sheds

Plastic sheds

These are much lighter than wood and metal sheds so they’re easier to move around.

  • Less expensive
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easiest to put together
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Polycarbonate sheds from Palram

Polycarbonate sheds from Palram

Palram sheds are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate so they’re incredibly tough and durable.

  • Very tough polycarbonate
  • Rust-free aluminium frame
  • Skylight transmits natural light into shed with complete UV protection
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Choosing the right size

This depends on what exactly you want to store inside and how much space you have. If space is tight, remember to account for roof overhangs.

Choosing the right shape

You can choose from apex or pent which refer to the roof style or a corner shed is an ideal solution to make the best use of corner space.

Things to consider


If you just need storage, a shed is a good choice. But if you’ll be working inside, a workshop will give you more room. If you’re planning to be inside the shed a lot, consider a Palram Skylight shed. These let natural light filter inside while blocking UV rays so visibility is better


Understand the maintenance needed to keep your shed in tip-top condition. If the wood of your shed is unfinished, you’ll need to waterproof it. If you want a low-maintenance shed, choose either a pressure treated, metal or Palram shed.

Ease of installation

Most sheds are self-assembly and need at least two people to install safely. Generally, metal sheds are hardest to install and plastic ones are the easiest.

Power supply

If you want to work in your shed, you might want to install mains power but this should be done by a professional electrician.


If this is a concern, metal sheds offer the most security and we also stock a wide range of security options to help secure any outbuilding.

Storing large items

If you need to store larger equipment, a shed with double doors is a good choice.


Make use of height to maximise your storage space without increasing the footprint of your shed. Traditional styles with apex roofs offer plenty of overhead space for hanging tools and other smaller items.

Multipurpose designs

These offer multiple uses and can save space. Good examples are sheds with built-in log stores, potting sheds and log cabins and summerhouses as you can also use these for storage.

Smaller outdoor storage options

Smaller outdoor storage options

We offer a wide range of solutions to make the most of your available room without overpowering a smaller garden. They’re also ideal if you simply require some additional storage. Follow these tips to utilise your space:

  • You can use as little ground space as possible by positioning a small shed right up against a wall
  • Keep your garden tools, bicycle and other equipment safe and secure with our garden and bike storage options
  • Some storage solutions can even be used as seating, such as a garden bench with built-in storage. Options for smaller items are perfect for protecting things like cushions and toys from the elements
  • If you’re having troubling accommodating a greenhouse, consider a compact growhouse or a space-saving wall garden instead
  • Help your driveway or front garden look its best with stylish bin and recycling units. They keep wheelie bins and recycling caddies hidden away while ensuring they’re easy to access
  • Store logs, pre-packed coal or tools in a multi-use storage unit