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Heat up your style: Fire Places

If you’re looking for a feature piece that can be placed exactly where you want it, consider a faux fireplace.

Electric or gas?

This depends on your energy supply. Electric is generally a simple plug in and go but you may want to get a professional to install one for the first time. With gas, you’ll need to get someone who is CORGI registered to install it and with both, you’ll need to consider the following:

Electric fireplaces

  • Everyone can have an electric fireplace
  • It can go in any room because they don’t require a chimney
  • You can have the flame without the heat and vice versa
  • Safer for kids and pets
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Gas fireplaces

  • The flame is real so the fireplace gets very hot
  • Needs a chimney
  • Will still work if you have a power cut, dependant on your setup
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Portable Heaters

These compact heaters are a convenient and instantaneous source of heat. They’re easily moved from room to room and easy to store. They’re designed to heat a small space and not a permanent solution or replacement for a regular radiator.

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If the heater doesn’t have a built-in timer, buy a time switch for your plug.