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Heat up your style: Designer Radiators

From classic to contemporary and vertical to mirrored, we have a range of stunning radiators to suit your home.

Multicolumn Radiator

This classic design works well in modern and traditional homes. Complement a vintage style room with its Victorian feel, or contrast to beautiful effect with modern furniture and pops of colour.

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Flat Panel Mirror Radiator

Give your room an instant update with this ultra-modern mirror radiator. Its sleek, vertical design gives an illusion of height and the mirror creates a feeling of light and space.

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Horizontal Feature Radiator

Sleek, clean lines characterise this designer radiator. Enhance a modern monochrome room with its slick aesthetic, or make it a design feature against colourful walls.

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Flat Panel Vertical Radiator

This vertical radiator is an ingenious way to heat a room with limited space. It creates the illusion of height and the contemporary design brings a modern feel to any space.

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Vertical Radiator

Art meets design in this striking radiator. The vertical design makes it a stylish solution for small spaces as well as a statement piece for larger rooms. It’s the perfect choice for modern homes.

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Column Radiator

Gone are the days when radiators were purely functional. This column radiator is elegantly stylish and will add a contemporary touch to any space.

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Smart heating


From heating to plugs to sensors, Hive makes it easy to control everyday things from your phone. Wherever you are, control your Hive products from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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If you love the idea of being able to control the temperature of individual rooms remotely, then check out MiGenie. It’s a smart heating control system that’s easy to install and communicates with you via an app on your phone or tablet. It’ll also help you better understand your energy use as time goes on.

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