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Advanced security is now extremely affordable

High tech home security is no longer just for the rich and famous. Exciting innovations driven by digital technology now mean that effective live systems are a real option for nearly every householder. More powerful lenses, high capacity storage and wireless online recorders all cost less than analogue systems used to. Whatever your budget, there are now many easy and affordable ways to make sure your home is one of the ones that burglars don’t touch.

Home CCTV has been revolutionised in recent years. And the figures speak for themselves - homes with one are 90% less likely to get burgled. Since they provide both a highly visible deterrent against burglary, and extremely useful evidence if a break-in does happen, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

As with everything else in life, smartphones are making home security even more effective and easy to use. You can turn alarms on and off with your phone, change lighting remotely, even monitor what’s happening at home with footage streamed to your device.

A security light on a house is one of the first things a burglar looks out for, and is an excellent low-cost deterrent. The latest heat-detecting infra red sensors turn lights on when they sense changes in air temperature caused by the human body so they won’t be activated by animals.

We stock all the latest equipment, as well as a full range of BSI approved door and window locks, and can help you choose the best mix for you.