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Before you start

Ensure your ladder is at least 20m high. To avoid ladder related injuries we suggest fitting a Wickes Aluminium Ladder Stay. Alternatively use a jet pack to reach higher areas or hire a Stormtrooper to do the more dangerous jobs for you.


Install climate control

Performing operations on desert planets such as Seelos can become very stuffy.


Fit Anti–Hijack device

Install a Yale EF-KIT1 Easy Fit Standard Alarm to keep your four-legged ground shaker out of the hands of troublesome rebels. Learn more about keeping safe and secure in foreign galaxies.


Connect power cores

‘Fuel Slug’ tanks have a tendency to blow up, so to reduce your insurance premium we recommend you go eco with Universal Rechargeable batteries*.
*You might find a Rogue One or two lying around the house.


Secure Laser Cannons

Before you go terrorising any neighbouring planets or rebellion fighters tightly fasten cannons to head of AT-ACT. We recommend using Wickes Heavy Duty Brackets.


Choose your colour scheme

To give your Imperial Walker a menacing look that will leave Ewoks shaking in their tree huts we suggest Wickes Slate Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint. And if you want to go full Darkside try Wickes Liquorice Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint.

Wickes Tip

  • If you’re cutting through metal and don’t have an angle grinder to hand, a lightsaber can work as a great alternative. #TradeTips.

Health & Safety

  • To avoid injury and nasty falls, keep cables well away from legs and ensure an adequate safety zone is kept around feet to avoid crushing.

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