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Before you start

Find a suitable space for your battle station. We recommend placing it far, far away from water hazards, fire risks and Anoat asteroid belts.

Always ensure you have sufficient supplies of Kyber crystals before construction begins.

To avoid injury keep your working environment well lit, either with a nearby sun or a few million Wickes 120W Portable Floodlights.


Fit heating and insulation

With temperatures dropping to -270°c it is advisable to be sufficiently insulated. Find out more about insulating your space station.


Paint external structure

Give your Death Star a deep, ominous finish with Chic Shadow, Endurance + Emulsion Paint.


Securing power source

Position reactor core towards the centre of Death Star and fasten tightly into position using Wickes Cable Tiles.


Connect alarms

Fit a Yale Easy Fit Starter Alarm Kit near the exhaust entrance to alert you to unexpected X-Wing intruders.

Wickes Tip

  • If you’re cutting through metal and don’t have an angle grinder to hand, a lightsaber can work as a great alternative. #TradeTips.

Health & Safety

  • To avoid injury when lifting heavy objects remember to bend your knees and keep your back straight. Alternatively, use The Force. When up a ladder always ask a Stormtrooper to hold the base for extra stability. DO NOT use ladder in the event of a rebel attack.

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