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How to create
storage space

flooring-heading.jpg Stay Safe

Ensure the loft is well lit and use suitable crawling boards spanning at least three joists to stand on (loft panels are ideal). Only stand on the joists if you have to, but never in between them. Always wear a mask and gloves when working with loft insulation.


Calcuating your materials
Size of storage area 5m2 Approx. area of a kingsize bed 10m 2 Approx. area of a transit van 15m2 Approx. area of a single garage
Distance between joists 400mm 600mm 400mm 600mm 400mm 600mm
Loft Storage Panels
Pack of 3 (1.17m2)
5 5 9 9 13 13
Ultra Gold Screws
4.0 x 30mm
Pack of 200
3 2 3 3 5 3
Loft Legs Pack of 12 6 4 9 7 12 9

Creating a storage area in your loft is an inexpensive and straightforward project. Loft Legs allow loft panels to be raised above the loft insulation which avoids compressing it and reducing it's effectiveness (See Fig. 4).

Remove any objects in the loft

If there is a top layer of insulation already installed, roll it back to expose the ceiling joists.

Install the loft legs (Fig. 5 and 6)

Loft Leg, secure the Loft Legs to the ceiling joists using 4.0 x 30mm screws (4 screws per leg). There is no need to pre-drill holes.

Install the top layer of loft insulation (Fig. 7)

Roll the 170mm insulation back over the loft and in-between the Loft Legs. A small vertical slit in the roll will allow for a better fit around the legs.

Install the loft panels (Fig. 8)

Lay the loft panels on top of the Loft Legs at 90 degrees to the direction of the ceiling joists, securing them with the same screws (4.0 x 30mm).

Do not overload your new storage area. The maximum static weight loading for a storage platform supported by Loft Legs is 50kg per square metre. However Loft Legs can support the temporary weight of an adult walking on the loft panels. Ceiling joists o r trusses are normally designed for light domestic storage. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that the existing ceiling struc ture and the new timber storage deck are capable of taking the necessary loads.