Building a fire pit

As well as being an attractive feature, fire pits are easy to build. This video shows you how to build a fire pit that's appropriate for your outdoor space - and crucially, one that's safe. It gives advice on picking the right location, marking out the turf and levelling the ground. It reveals the best method for laying out your inner and outer brick squares. It even shows you how to light your first fire and suggests ways your brand new fire pit can be put to good use.

Preparation & Planning

Build your fire pit a few metres away from trees, bushes and buildings to minimise the chance of sparks leading to fires. Remember that it'll probably become the focal point of the garden so you might not want it in the centre of your lawn or hidden away. Ensure it's built onto level ground and leave enough room round the edge for seating.


You can easily disassemble your fire pit when the season is over. Remove the bricks and keep them in a dry place, and you can use them again next year!

Hints & tips

Make the pit itself at least 50cm square so there's enough space for the fire to get going. But bear in mind that a pit above 1.5m square could lead to a fire that's too unwieldy and possibly dangerous.

Leave a 5mm gap between bricks to aid air flow, and make sure the bricks of the inner and outer squares don't line up. This will make the pit structure more secure.


Making sure the size of the fire is proportionate to the size of the fire pit will help keep the fire under control.

Don't let children go near the pit, and always have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby.