Building a sandpit

A sandpit provides hours of fun and is a great addition to any family garden. This video breaks down the process into a number of steps, so you will know how to build a sandpit that is sturdy, safe and looks great.

It gives advice on picking the right location, cutting the sleepers to size and then marking and digging out the turf before constructing the sandpit itself.

Preparation & Planning

Locate the sandpit in an area where you can easily keep an eye on the children whilst they are playing. It's also a good idea to locate the sandpit somewhere that catches the sun but also offers some shade, this will protect the children from the suns rays but will also help to keep the sand dry. Building the sandpit on flat ground that doesn’t hold excessive water is also advised. Don’t mark out the ground until you’re 100% happy with the location.


Keep the sandpit covered when not in use with a wooden cover or a sheet of tarpaulin. Remove any debris from the sandpit on a regular basis to keep the sand clean.

Hints & tips

Use the 90-degree guide marker on your saw to help you make accurate cuts. Also, always clearly mark the wood before sawing so you have a line to follow. To prolong the life of your sandpit, seal the cut ends of the sleepers with wood preserver. When attaching the sleepers together it's best to double check that they are level and the corners are at a right angle before securing, this will help to maintain the sandpits rectangular shape.


The jumbo sleepers weigh around 30kg so take care or ask for assistance when moving them. It's also a good idea to wear gloves when handling the sleepers or applying wood preserver to help protect your hands.

Safety glasses and a dust mask should be worn when you are sanding the edges of the sandpit. It’s also advised that you wear safety glasses when drilling through the sleepers.