Installing a fence

This video takes you through all the steps involved in building a fence.

Starting with what size post holes to dig, it explains how to install a series of fence posts and what you need to do to keep them upright. You'll then learn how to mark out the ground with a string line, how to fix gravel boards into place and where to put your 'U' brackets before slotting in the fence panels. If you’re planning on attaching a trellis onto the top of your new fence or finishing the job with post caps and decorative finials, there’s advice on that too.

Preparation & Planning

To help the project run smoothly, it's important to remember that it takes two people about half an hour to install one fence post.

You should also decide in advance whether or not you want your fence to have a trellis. If so, you'll need to factor this in as it’ll affect what length posts you need.


After installing your fence, use fence paint to give your fence with wood treatment to keep it looking refreshed.

Hints & tips

As a rule of thumb, a quarter of the total fence height should be in the ground.

Securing fence posts with wooden battens whilst pouring in concrete can help them stay upright.


Wear a mask, goggles and a pair of gloves when working with the post mix.