Installing a post into soil

If you're building a fence onto soil or grass, this guide describes exactly what you need to do. It tells you what size holes you'll need to dig, how to work with hard ground, what to do to reduce the risk of the post rotting and how to keep the post straight whilst pouring in concrete.

Follow these steps and you’ll create the foundation for a strong, secure and upright fence.

Preparation & Planning

It takes two people about half an hour to install one post. Make sure you know the measurements of the fence posts in advance so you know what size holes to dig.


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Hints & tips

The depth of hole depends on the height of your post. But the general rule states that a quarter of the post should be in the ground.

If the ground is tough, consider using a bar and post hole spade to dig the holes.

Whilst pouring in the concrete, attach two battens to the post to hold it in place. Use a spirit level throughout to ensure the post stays perfectly upright.