Laying paving slabs in your garden

When it comes to laying paving slabs, alignment and evenness is everything.

This video explains what you need to do to ensure your garden paths and patios are level and look immaculate. It starts by giving a detailed account of marking out the ground in a way that takes into account the depth of bedding sand, cross fall and any lengthways slope.

You’ll find out how to lay and compact a hardcore base, what to do if your slabs aren’t sitting at the right height and how to fill in joins. In case you need to cut your slabs to size, there’s advice on that too.

Preparation & Planning

Clear away grass and flatten out the soil in the area where the paving slabs will go. Once this is done, you can mark out the area with pegs and string.


Use a paver sealant to keep your slabs dirt, greese and oil resistant, and to prevent against weather damage.

Hints & tips

If you’re applying these instructions to building a patio, there are two important points to take into account.

First, if the patio is adjoining a house the slabs must be at least 150mm below the height of the house’s damp proof course.

Secondly, the patio should slope away from the house at a rate of at least 50mm over 3metres.


If you need to cut your slabs with an angle grinder, wear a mask, goggles, gloves and ear defenders.