Putting up a fence

Watching this video will teach you how to erect a fence that's robust and secure. It breaks down each step into easy-to-follow instructions - from marking out the line of the fencing with pegs and string right through to nailing the final fence cap into place.

You'll find out how to dig post holes, how to secure fence posts with post mix and how to attach the gravel board as well as tips on distancing your posts, where to place brackets and how to keep your posts level will ensure that your new fence looks great.

Preparation & Planning

Before you start, the ground needs to be clear of old fence posts, concrete or any other obstructions. Once this is done, you can go ahead and mark out the area.

Buy fence posts that are 2ft longer than the combined length of a single fence panel and gravel board.


See our wide range of fence post paints to give your fence combined timber care & a touch of colour!

Hints & tips

To keep the posts upright whilst pouring in the post mix, fix them into place with three lengths of timber. You should end up using about two bags of post mix per post - but always check the pack for more detailed instructions.


Wear a mask, goggles and a pair of gloves when working with the post mix.