Hang an interior door

From giving a new door some breathing space right through to screwing in the final hinge, watching this video will tell you everything you need to know about hanging an interior door. It features detailed advice on trimming a door, just in case the frame or door itself isn’t standardised. It shows you how to find the perfect hanging position with the help of wedges. And finally, you’ll see how to create a recess for the hinges and fix them in place.

Preparation & Planning

Your door will need to acclimatise to your home. Laying it flat indoors for 3 days will give it enough time to expand and contract.

Hints & tips

When cutting out the recess in the door for the hinges avoid splintering the wood by using a sharp chisel and by making lots of little cuts as opposed to fewer bigger ones.


Always wear goggles and gloves when handling a saw, chisel, plane and drill.

Take care when handling your door. If it's heavy, you'll need two people to lift it into position.