Hanging a picture

Although hanging a picture is relatively straightforward, it requires precision and planning. This video breaks down the process into a number of steps so your pictures will hang safely, securely and look straight. It starts by explaining how to measure up and find the right spot for your picture. You’ll discover how to account for frames with cords and frames with pins. You’ll also find out what fixings to use on masonry walls and stud walls - and what tools are required for each - as well as how to hang frames onto a hollow bit of wall or a timber stud.

Preparation & Planning

First of all, you need to find out what type of wall you’re working with. Not only will this help you figure out whether or not the wall can take the weight of your picture, but it’ll influence what sort of fixings are needed.

Hints & tips

As a general rule, your eye line should be about two-thirds of the way up the picture. But take into account the size of the picture and where it’ll hang in relation to furniture. Ask someone to hold the frame in position whilst you mark where the fixing needs to go. If your frame has a cord, remember to pull it taut when measuring the drop otherwise your picture will hang too low.


Run a pipe and cable detector across the area to check for any obstructions such as electrical wires or water pipes.