Putting up a shelf

Whether you’re putting up a floating shelf or bracketed shelf onto a masonry or stud wall, this video will guide you through the process. For the purposes of this film, we’re attaching the shelves to a masonry wall but the same procedures apply to stud walls. You’ll be advised on choosing the most appropriate shelves as well as finding out how to make sure your brackets are level, drill holes, insert wall plugs and fix your shelf into place.

Preparation & Planning

Before you start, find out what type of wall you have and think about what the shelf is going to hold. Bracketed shelves are best to support heavier items than floating shelves.

Hints & tips

For heavy objects, it’s better to use bracketed shelves and attach them to masonry walls. Never attach shelves to hollow areas of stud walls.

If you’re working with a masonry wall, you might want to put the drill into hammer mode to begin with.


Whenever you’re drilling or attaching anything into a wall, run a pipe and cable detector over the area first. If you have stud walls, you could use a 3-in-1 pipe, cable and stud detector.

Always wear protective goggles when drilling into a masonry wall.