From time to time, you might want to change your locks — you may have lost your keys or forgotten who has a set. If you have a PVCU or composite door, this will involve replacing the Euro profile cylinder in the multi-point lock. As the video demonstrates, this is an easy job made up of a couple of simple steps. This guide emphasises how important it is to purchase the right cylinder. It also shows you how to remove and replace a cylinder, and check that it’s been fitted correctly.

Preparation & planning

Before buying a replacement cylinder, measure the size of the existing one. Simply unscrew the cylinder screw, pull out the cylinder and measure the parts either side of the cam and the cam itself.

Hints & tips

The cylinder should be flush with the back plate of the handle otherwise it isn’t as safe as it could be. If your current cylinder protrudes, make sure the new one is slightly smaller.

Check that you’ve fitted the cylinder correctly by lifting the handle and turning the key a few times.

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