If your night latch is loose, not working properly or you’d simply like a new one then this video will show you what to do. It demonstrates how to remove the body of the night latch, the rim cylinder and mounting plate then how to replace them with new parts. It also explains how to remove and replace the staple. At the end, you’ll be told how to check that each function is working properly. This video shows you how to fit a Yale 89 series high security night latch but the same rules apply to other Yale night latches.

Preparation & planning

There are various Yale night latches to choose from. Make sure you pick one that suits your security needs and standards.

Hints & tips

If the tail bar protrudes more than 12mm, you’ll need to cut it to size.


Check the lock is working smoothly before you close the door. Lift the latch and turn the key a few times each way. Check that you can deadlock the latch bolt and make sure it stays in place when you push the button upwards.

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