If you’re concerned about home security, then watch this video to see how simple it is to fit the Yale standard domestic alarm system. It takes you through each step of the process starting with how to activate the components, where to place the external siren and how to set it up. You’ll be given precise instructions on where best to fit the components, how to test whether the system is working properly and attaching the keypad to a wall. Next, you’ll find out how to programme the alarm and activate a new PIN before learning how to arm and disarm the alarm.

Preparation & planning

Decide which external wall you want to fix your siren to. Remember: if it’s visible, it’ll act as a deterrent. Try and locate the components about 2 meters above the floor, and ensure the magnets and door contacts are less than 10mm apart.

Hints & tips

Once you’ve set up the siren, you have 3 hours to install the rest of the components. This is because the siren automatically goes into ‘learn’ mode for this period of time.

Follow the instructions provided to check that the siren is receiving the components’ radio transmissions.

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